01 December 2005

Gingerbread and KitKats

Welcome to my holiday themed blog, inspired by my little Hanny's gingerbread creation. We had alot of fun putting it together despite a few icing mishaps. By the timr we were finished we were both covered in frosting and had eaten way too much candy!

I popped into the new Dollar Tree by my SIL's house the other night to grab some more of those $1 cookie sheets for advent calendars. There I stumbled across COFFEE KitKat Bars!! Its a limited edition flavor and OMG are they good! I was excited about the dark chocolate ones last year but.. wow! Its like a mocha in a bar with cookies! YUM!!

In other news, I have been spending alot of time knitting. Some of the things I can't share because they are for Christmas pressies but here are a couple of things I can share...

This is a basic knit scarf out of Moda Dea Cache yarn. So pretty with the little gold threads in it but a tad itchy.
and this!! is a cool scraf I am kniting out of aqua and red yarns. The red has little flecks of the aqua color.. its looks cool!

I have some newer mixed media things to share but I'll save those for another day. Until then, I am off to enjoy my KitKat bar.


  1. I sooo need to learn how to knit. Not sweaters, mind you. I'd be happy with scarves for starters.

  2. Last year they had an orange flavored kit kat and my mom and I miss those!! so gooooooood!
    On a fun note..I got a needle kit from Michaels!!!!! wooooo

  3. I just got introduced to your site today. Have had a lot of trouble getting around, may be my computer or your updating process. Anyway wanted to say HI, it's neat that you knit too because I do altered books, collages and knit. Want to do "Art Squared" next. Thanks for making little things available for ATC's.

  4. I found those KitKats last night, damn you! They are really yummy but as a limited edition, I'll have a craving in a few months and they will be gone!!! I'm going to have to stock up on them, darn, I just hate going to the $ store...grin