28 November 2005


Yeah, I've been slackin on my BLOG but I got scolded by Joleen who just got home from Lake Tahoe. I figured I better blog something so she can read it when she logs back on.

I finally finished the advent calendars for my neice and Hannah! The idea was shamelessly borrowed from the uber talented and inspiring Teresa McFayden of Foof-a-la fame! They are made from cookie sheets with magnetic ornaments that are stuck on for each day. I forgot to photograph the one I made for Mylie but here is Hannah's.


I can't wait until December 1 so we can start using it daily! It will be a fun thing for her and me to look forward to.

Over the holiday weekend I received lots of fun mail; mostly from Shosh. She sent me 5, yes 5! FAT envelopes of new product from HannahGrey! Man there is some good stuff! I wish I had a week to art and use all the neat things she has found. BUT the BEST package I got was the birthday present that Shosh got me from DJ Pettitt.. its her new altered mixed media book kit and it is fabu!!

This will be alot of fun to work on She included lots of tips and samples.. yay!!

Also this weekend have been knitting quite alot trying to finish up soem X-mas gifts. I finally learned how to cast on properly instead of the cheater way I had been doing it. Exciting! I would share a picture of the something I made for one of my friends but she might see it so you will have to wait too.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  1. Your advent calendar turned out so great!! Those letters are awesome and perfect for it! This will be such a special tradition for you and the peanut to share! I can't wait to see the garland you made too! :)

    I got a package from Shosh today, too!! I was totally surprised. I'm just about to email her to say thank you. :) I suppose I ought to get my ass to the P.O. tomorrow, too. :)

    Yay for knitting! I bought a new knitting magazine at Michaels today (couldn't resist) even though all I ever do is look at the pictures. Can't wait to see what you're up to! Is it an ipod mini cozy?? ;)

    {hugs} ttys!

  2. Cool calendar! I received your ATC's...they are beautiful! and now they are posted on my blog!!!
    Thank you so much...

  3. Oh, Heather, that advent calendar is just adorable! I love the fact that the dates are magnets. They would be so easy to change or replace if one got lost. I love advent calendars - when we were kids my mum and dad wrote little treats on the inside of the little doors, and we took turns opening the doors for each date, and of course we got the treat that was on the door!

  4. I am such a bad girl. It is Dec. 2nd, and I haven't finished mine, although it is sitting by my front door so I see it *all* the time and think about finishing... I wish I had been able to stay to finish with you and Joleen, but alas, I had to go save hubby from freaky child...

  5. OMGosh!! I loved that book of hers in SS. Have to check out the kit!!