21 October 2005

In which I am obsessed with tiny creatures...


So every time I go to Target and to the toy section (because Hannah wants to look) I am drawn in by these adorable, wee critters. They are from Furryville.. a series of 2" little dress up animals. I have looked in vain for a complete list of the critters but I can't even FIND them on Mattel's website. Every so often I pick one up under the "guise" of it being for Hannah.. even though technically they are kind of small for her yet. They say 4 and up but she did make off with the birthday bunny and hasn't lost it yet. Its her "baby bunny".. she has a larger "mommy bunny" too. The last time I got two I duplicated myself and got the bunny and the Wild Wild West bear that I already had! I really need a list! Anyway, I admit it, I am in love with these little guys and I want more!!

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