06 October 2005

in which I am frustrated


I am always frustrated. I don't remember being so flighty and disorganized before. Why is it that when you have a baby your brain turns to much and never gels again?? Its been 2 years and I still can't remember where I put things, I put milk in the cupboard and the hot coffee pot in the fridge, I get distracted in the middle of projects and have the attention span of.. well.. a 2 year old! I am sure my entire Yahoo Group of artists are bummed about my untimely turn around of the books sitting here. I don't take FULL blame though, I can share that with the USPS and their losing of things. They are all here now so I am going to run out of excuses here real soon!

In the meantime, I have continued to make art.. here are some new pieces I haven't posted yet:
This is my page for the Katrina chunky to benefit hurricane relief.
And this is an ATC on the theme Paris because I think one of the mags is doing a call for Parisien art.. I am probably remembering wrong!
The piece above is another in the "Poppets" series of ATCs for my swap. I like the form quite alot and printed out pix of the whole family to atempt a collage to be used for a Christmas card this year.

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