20 August 2005

Yes, I know...

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that I suck and I am so behind in blogging and posting pictures. Sometimes I just don't know WHERE the time goes. I think some of it gets eaten up by depression and the strange goings on with my body lately. Anyway, enough of that! May I now present, random picture Saturday??!!

First of all, we have Hannah and her NaNa.. my Mom!

Hannah and NaNa  Hannah
These pictures were taken right before the Garlic Festival when we had to go to Carmel and pick up hats. The weather was gorgeous!
Next we have Hannah doing one of her favorite "chores"...

vacuuming  vacuuming is fun!
By the way, Hannah think you shoudl ALWAYS wear pearls while vacuuming.

Finally is the BEST picture that Linda aka Hannah's Nonni took while camping in Big Basin in July


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