02 August 2005

on the road again...

Just finished another HOT and dusty Gasrlic Festival. It was actually kind of fun since I had a 2 year reprieve from working. It was HOT though and my allergies were less than happy about the copious amounts of dust! At the end of each day I felt as if I had swallowed a cup fo dirt and we won't even talk about what Mike calls, "faire boogers."

Saturday, the wee one and I are on the road again... well we will be taking to the air to fly out to Nashville to visit Tam and Lora. Its been super hot and humid there but at least Tam & Ken have a pool and AC. I can't wait to see everyone. I miss them all so much. I think Jules is going to have a blast with Lilo Heena this year too since last time we were there she could barely crawl!

Now I am off to tie up all my loose ends so I can have a relatively guilt free trip.


  1. Nashville?

    That's actually semi-close to me, darnit. Too bad I work or I'd drive down for lunch or something.

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