06 May 2005

not so righteous

I am not feeling so righteous today. I think all of the righteousness from the last week has caught up with me, or maybe some PMS. I am tired and in pain and stressed out. I have been good about my workouts and keeping on track. It works well to go after I drop off Hannah on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I think I am going to skip the gym tomorrow because my right shoulder is causing me MUCH discomfort. I have no idea what I did but I can assure you that packing and binding all these CHUBBY books and working on computer making ads and business cards for new biz venture has NOT helped. I am hoping I can convince myself to go in morning but I am nbot holding my breath.

Today I went to the Annual flower sale with my Mom at Cabrillo College where the ag dept sells tons of glorious plants. Hannah loves it ( I forgot my camera but Gramma got a couple of shots) We bought a beautiful hanging basket ( Happy Mother's Day) and some fun sunflowers to plant out front that are multi-colored and only get about 2.5' tall. We almost didn't go because the weather has been so cruddy but we decided at the last minute to go and BOY WAS IT GORGEOUS! It was cloudy on all sides but we were in the sun and could see the bay and beaches clear as a bell.

Tomorrow I am going to rubber stamp con with Shosh. There will be some GREAT vendors there. I better make a list of colors of stamp pads I need. Hopefully we will gather some wholesale contacts too. Oops, am I saying too much about new venture??? Hmmm...

Good night...

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  1. I planted some peppers and flowers in my back porch.

    So far it's a race to see which dies first.

    Good luck, darlin'