30 April 2005


Hannah 042
Hannah 042,
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So I joined CURVES!! I did it all on my own, I had no pressure, I just did it because I decided it was time to DO SOMETHING about the "baby weight." Can I still call it baby weight even though Hannah is almost 20 months old?? Anyway, I went on Wednesday and got info. Made appointment for a meeting to learn all about it and went back on Thursday.. I signed up! Greg was supportive. Friday morning Greg was home so I went and worked out and it was kinda fun!! AND I went and worked out today too! I feel so RIGHTEOUS. I am not going to tell you my starting weight or measurements but when the 18th of May rolls around I will share my results.. they weight and measure you every month so you can keep track.

Ok, so on to a new subject.. see my little budding artisit up there? Here is the page she painted for the Young at Arts kids book I am hosting in the art groups..


it was mainly for kids but I had a few kids at heart participate too. I am getting ready to bind and then send them out. Here is the back which I did in a cheapo scrapbooking program I got.

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  1. That's sweet.

    I received an original, framed painting by Jack (my nephew) for christmas.

    I worked it into the bookshelves in my living room and it's right at home, though if you saw my living room, you might think that that's a bad thing.