21 April 2005

how many babies can you fit in a box?

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Hannah says "ONE!"
I don't know why I even bother buying actual TOYS.. toddlers can be entertained by the simplest things...




What a ham!

In other news.. I MADE SLIPPERS!! I am so proud of myself.

They aren't quite done yet. They are supposed to be Mary Jane style and I still need to add the buttons and knit or crochet little straps but they worked up pretty quickly and I think they turned out cool.

I have been busy with lots of artsy swaps and such. I am tying up loose ends for several books right now. The one I am most excited about is the Young at HeART book that I am hosting which was primarily for kids ( or kids at heart). The pages coming in are just so wonderful. Only a child could think these things up. I have been working on the covers but need to take care of Hannah's pages too. I think this one is gonna be a treasure.

I've beenn pretty prolific in my artsy endeavors... I have made several ATCs and some book pages. I need to get some other books out of the way but they are intimidating me. They are due in May!! Ack.. anyway, if you wanna check out the latest work, I update my picture trail regularly and there is a link here somewhere.

Hope everyone is enjoying the day!

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