25 April 2005

cutie doodle goes to day care


ooh such a cutie doodle... we took a big step today and signed up Hannah for part time day care. In a way I am releived but in a way I feel sooo guilty. I think at this stage it will be best for both of us. I will have a bit of a break from baby wrangling to work on art or the computer or finishing painting the bedroom! Hannah will have the opportunity to meet and play with other kids and learn new things. Greg and I talked to several places and when we met Sandra and saw her house I think we both felt this was THE place. Hannah liked it there and was immediately interested in the toys and books and flash cards. Sandra teaches the kids in english, spanish, french AND sign language... and she used to be a nurse. Hannah will be with 5 other little 'uns under 4.

I can do this...

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