20 February 2005

Singin' in the Rain

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Well I dunno about the singing part but the rain part we have got down our here in not so sunny California. Tomorrow we expect thundershowers!! Woohoo, talk about your excitment, More days trapped indoors with an active toddler!

Hannah has discovered the joys of the umbrella though as seen here. We met Gramma in San Juan Bautista last week for lunch ( will post the flan pix soon) and she decided she HAD to use the umbrella. Since then Gramma has gotten her her own Lime green flowered umbrella instead of the boring blue Disney umbrella. Hannah likes to carry it around and doesn't beleive that opening umbrellas in doors is bad luck.

In other news I have been madly working away on my art commitments so I can get them finished and work on stuff that I WANT to work on and hopefully make a little $$. I have been trying to upload things to the JuJuWhimsy website and gear up to make more slide pendants to sell at the gallery in San Juan.

One of the art commitments was a page for the Mermaids FLAB that Donna is hosting. At first I hated it but now I see that all the pieces worked together to form a really nice page (IMHO).

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