18 February 2005

Chinese New Year

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I know it has already past but these are some of the pieces I did for a Chinese New year ATC swap with some of my art group members. I need to try to get them swapped and mailed this weekend. There were some really great ones!!

I hav been working frustratedly ( is that a word?) on a couple of websites. The frustration comes in 2 places.. one being that Comcast keeps screwing up the IP adresses forcing the servers to have to be reset and new IPs assigned making FTPing a pain in the butt! The other comes from my lack of practice lateky in HTML and Dreamweaver though it is slowly coming back.

Yesterday, I took Hannah to have some spring portraits taken at Penney's. There were some good shots of her in her Easter dress playing with eggs and bunnies. I wasn't as happy with the shots of her and me and the ones we tried to do with Mylie just didn't work as they were both burnt out by then. Can't wait to get them back and post them here.

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