03 May 2012

Corners of my Home

Been slacking a bit this week. A wrench kind of got thrown into my schedule with STAR testing for the pea. Even though I hauled my computer down, the wifi at school was down so I had to just sit and wait. At least I had my Kindle on day two.

I feel bad that I missed Work Table Wednesday yesterday, but honestly I haven't been working on much I can share yet...

I DID manage to finish up a tiny project yesterday when I framed one of my art postcards in an up cycled frame that I painted white. It's from a stash of wood frames I scored at the Goodwill some time ago. I made a little "matt" from some vintage book pages. I think it's very cute hanging in this little area next to my coatrack under my "Blooms" sign. I am always drawn to things that say "bloom" as it is a play on our last name and I'd meaningful.

So I will leave you all with that this find Spring day. What are you up to?

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