25 May 2012

breaking out of the box, just a little bit...

Last year some time my friend Bridgette asked me to design a tattoo for her. It threw me for a loop as I do not consider drawing a strength AT ALL but I reluctantly agreed to sketch out some things based on her ideas. She sent me a bunch of her ideas and inspiration photos and I procrastinated...

Good thing she didn't have a date scheduled for her appt although she did have a gift certificate burning a hole in her pocket. She set a tentative date for her birthday in April and I thought to myself.. enh, I have plenty of time.

She managed to nag me in a gentle way and I finally stopped procrastinating and started sketching in my SMASH journal. I showed her some ideas and she finalized where she wanted to get it on her body. I traced out her foot and did tracings and rearranged the parts of my ideas she liked.

I finally gave her my final drawings and told her to play with sizing on the copy machine and with her colored pencils since she was undecided as to which colors she wanted.

Her guidelines to me were girly, including her sons initials "J" and "N" and using hearts. She liked a"heart strings" idea. Well, if there is one thing I like to doodle or draw is swirls and spirals... so I played with all kinds of curlicues and swirls. To the left here is a page from my journal where I did the first doodles.

Well today was the big day and Bridgette got her first tattoo! It turned out great and she is over the moon. I am pretty excited for her because A. I happen to really like tattoos ( I have 2) and B. its the first one I designed!!! What do you think??


  1. That is so cool!!! You are a multi-talented artist!

  2. I think you've got a new calling...this is lovely!

  3. Move over Kat Von D....looks like you have a new calling Heather!

  4. Oh my goodness!! It's beautiful! I love it.