18 April 2012

Work Table Wednesday...

Its Wednesday! and you know what that means?? Work Table Wednesday!!

I did NO work on a table this week.. I DID, however, work on a garage floor, easel and my lap while visiting Julee and her daughter the past couple of days ago And what I discovered is that A) I am WAY too old to work on a cold garage floor (even if it was fun) and B) I need an easel and C) The 2 for $5 readers I bought yesterday are SUPER helpful for my needlework. My BIL was on to something to use them as magnifiers for close up work. Yay!

This picture is of Lexee sitting across from me while working on the garage floor and our little helper is Sweetie Pie.. isn't she cute?? Sweetest little things.. we are now in the process of trying to convince Daddy that Hannah needs a similar little friend.

 Here are a couple of shots of my canvas as it progressed. I went Alisa Burke style on it.. soo much fun. Its been way too long since I just got messy with paint and ink and stamps and stuff. My bird it kind of lame, but its IN PROGRESS so hopefully I will actually finish it up and share it.

I have other shots from our visit on my camera but I am too tired to go find wherever I stashed it so I will share them later this week.

Finally, here is one of Hannah's pieces.. she did a couple of stretched canvases. We need more wall space!!!

Be sure to go visit Barbe and Sherry for WTW too, and maybe Julee will pipe up soon too.


  1. Love that you and Julee had the opportunity to spend time together again and that the girls were part of the fun. I'm with you chica, sitting cross legged on a cold cement floor - those days are DONE for me!! lol!!! And let's hear it for magnifiers...they are amazing...who knew some day we'd be saying THAT!! Love the art -- spending time with arty friends brings out the creativity and the joy!

  2. It was QUITE an experience having everyone here in our little place... with no backyard or proper studio space we resorted to the garage floor... which is why you don't see anything finished from me :) I really can't sit down on the floor... I fiddled around with paints for about an hour - never really sitting and then just played hostess. We NEED a proper studio! And we're getting closer every day and even though Heather SWEARS she won't take one of my classes at my new place, I have a feeling she and Hannah will be back and that we'll get our GROOVE on in a BIG way!!! :) I was too tired to post my WTW... I was still so tired yesterday that I fell asleep on the sofa t 4 in the afternoon!!! LOL It was a fun time to be sure. xoxoxoxoxo jul p.s. tell hannah good luck on getting CUTIE PIE!!! :)

  3. OOOHH Is Sweetie Pie a rat??? I LOVE rats....would love to have some one day but they don't mix well with little terriers so that will have to wait a while. I love kissing their little tiny faces.:)