21 March 2012

Work Table Wednesday...

Hey everybody, I am a little later posting this than I had hoped but its still Wednesday!!

Today was super busy with homeschooling and work and trying to get out into the studio. I did some chores and took advantage of the gorgeous weather outside to spray some weeds and then work with the studio doors open.

This morning early, I was busy editing our mailing for work which is due to go out tomorrow morning. I have spent time on and off today trying to get all the details lined up and get it proofed by all involved so I still have to go back and schedule it. Long process..

When I finally made it out to the studio I cranked up the soldering iron for the first time since Julee was here. I have a little project in my head that I am working on but it has gone off in various directions and now I have too many ideas. The good thing was that it pushed me out of my comfort zone and I tried soldering some "alternative" things for me..
So fun!

preparing to solder
after soldering... still needs some touch up.

Be sure to hop on over to see Julee and Barbe's worktables too and join us next week!!

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  1. I love what you were working on Heather! These are great ideas and working out of your comfort zone can be very rewarding!