15 February 2012

my funny Valentine

We were kind of off the hook for Valentine swap this year with the homeschooling, but not to be completely left out, Hannah decided to send Valentine's to a few friends through the mail. She colored in some cute little cards and sent them off to her closest friends and grandparents.

She got an awesome giant valentine from her Auntie Joleen and a couple of other goodies but to me the best one was from her friend Nathan who came over to play for awhile after school. He brought her this clever Valentine that he made with his crafty Mom, who happens to be my friend Bridgette.
It reads "I mustache ( must ask) will you be my Valentine?" and the mustache peels off to stick on your face.

Now my little chickie is also a self proclaimed "nerd" so she has a variety of nerd glasses she likes to pull out. Yesterday while finishing up some math with her dad, I caught here sporting this get up and it cracked me up. I think her sense of humor is so awesome. I am also so thankful she has such fun friends...

How was your Valentine's Day?

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  1. she's so cute and funny~ i love that story heather!

    our valentine's story is on my blog if you wanna see the pictures, but the short story is that the boy took the day off work and we all headed up to Wine Country and pretended to be on vacation.

    It was cozy and awesome all wrapped up in love!