09 February 2012

in with the new...

I have been missing. It has been calculated, as I have been contemplating the future of my blog. I am trying to find out whether my heart is still in. I am trying to learn WHY it exists..

For now I am still here. I have't decided to close the doors yet..

It seems that with the new year, has come some new design business. I had all but hung up my "gone fishing" sign when a bunch of emails showed up in my box. I am at a turning point in my life.. I was not sure if I wanted to tackle more design work but one of the emails was from the sweetest past client so when we got back from our trip I jumped on her work. I loved working with Michelle and was excited to find out that she had started a new business with her daughter making/ selling cookies! Looking at her Etsy shop (and card) makes my mouth water. (Maybe she will send me some samples) Here is the new card, I am working on a new Etsy banner and other things next..

Then I got a frantic text from my BFF Joleen who needed a new blog STAT. Since I had done all her new branding for her photography business, I already has some ideas on what to do. I jumped on it last night and ta da: Love, Joleen Photography Its pretty clean and simple.. we both love it and I can't wait to see her add more of her fab photography.

So.. there you go. What I've been up to.. lots of thinking, some design work and life...

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