23 February 2012


I certainly 'feel' like I have the winter blues. I am trying my best to get up and face each day with a positive attitude. Today was amazingly beautiful, especially for a February day. It was sunny and warm with blue skies overhead.
The little had a friend over for the day (winter break) and they played outside almost the entire day except for when I dragged them out for a couple of errands. One of the things they really wanted to do was wash the car. Who was I to deny them? They drug out the house and buckets and had a grand old time washing and playing in the water. I got a clean car out of the deal (and a couple soggy kids).
I got a bunch of little twiddly things done today. I started out the day, what I described to a friend as "fragmented". But I forced myself to sit down at my sewing machine and finish up some pieces for an article I am working on. (fingers crossed it gets done in time and accepted)
I had really been lagging in the creativity department lately aside from a very little journaling. So the other day I made myself go out and face the studio. I little vacuuming and some purging I ran across a couple of kits I had packed up and forgotten about that I had run across during the purging session. I got them out and just started playing. It was really fun to just start gluing down papers and fiddle with paint and I ended up with this cute piece from Jenny & Aaron's fun kit.
Now my muse is motivated and I am looking forward to getting back to the the studio reorg and making some pretties...
What are you working on?

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