22 August 2011

tap, tap, tap

Is this thing on? Does everyone read blogs on Facebook or Reader now so no one comments?? Anyone here? Pop over and say howdy if you are... :)

I have been updating my Etsy shop with various things. I have listed a few of my handmade journals like the ones featured in the Somerset Memories and Create With Me publications. They are so fun, I love to go back and flip through even the empty ones to check out the papers and flaps and pouches. I have one more I need to list but I need better pictures of it because the ones I took sucked... LOL

Anyway, in addition to journals there are various supplies and other bits and pieces like supplies. I will probably be adding some more of my JUNQUE packs because frankly I have WAY TOO MUCH stuff in the studio and a lot of it is cool and needs to be shared. I am trying to be better about purging and letting go. Making progress.. it is good :)

Thinks that is about it for now. I hope you will pop over and look around the shop. I have something cool to share later this week. Just need to take good pix. So excited..


  1. Very cool...hope they sell fast.

  2. oops, i've been a lurker...i read each & every post of yours but slack in commenting. looking forward to more from you & keeping up with stuff in your etsy...sharing is good! blest be :)

  3. hahah i've been wondering the same thing!!! i'm here. always. muah!

  4. I'm here, Heather! I think that with summer hols and back to school, people are busy! I'm actually up north in a cottage on an island. Not really roughing it - it has wifi and a hot tub. But I'm trying not to go online during the day... Breaking my rule right now, lol.
    love these journals so much!

  5. I'm here.
    I don't have as many coming to my place or commenting. Chalking it up to FB.
    Heading over to your shop to have a look-see.