27 August 2011


This was taken on our anniversary last weekend. We met my Mom to pick up Han who had spent the night at her place. The weather was gorgeous so we decided to walk around and work off a bit of our Mexican brunch.

The Mission there is so lovely and full of terrific texture for taking photos. Its one of our favorite places to go and was a natural setting for a back drop for some family photos Joleen has done for us over the years and these super cute all time favs by my SIL.

I figured since we were there, I should try my hand at a few shots so I got the wee one to pose for me and we played around. Its been fun to fiddle around with the camera settings and then Photoshop.

I am pretty happy with the results this time. I see some improvement. Now just to work on my patience level when I just want to whip out my little pocket camera instead of lugging around the big Canon ;)

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