19 August 2011

randomness in bullet points

You know how your To Do list grows and grows and you feel like you have SO MUCH TO DO that you just run around in circles?? That's me this week.

Actually, I was sick most of the week with an icky head cold that made it hard to concentrate on much of anything so a bunch of stuff got pushed off to the stack of things to do for next week.. Ha ha!

Today I was feeling much better which was good because I had agreed to watch my daughter's friend all day as her Mom had to work and she is not back in school yet. I love H because she is such an agreeable kid, one of those kids that will go off with mine and I won't hear a peep from them for hours as they just play. So nice and a nice mental break for me ;)

We had the little optometry appt today. Happy report her vision is perfect. We had a few concerns at the end of last year when she complained of blurriness when reading. Probably just fatigue doing some heavier reading at the end of the day. Oh well.

Afterwards we headed out to check out a new stable. We have been looking for a new place to ride since shortly after the new year. A bunch of stuff transpired at our stable when we were out due to health/ funeral reasons so we haven't been riding for months! I miss it and Han is ready to get back in the saddle. She will have her first lesson/ assessment next week. Hope it works out as I was pretty happy with the place and it will be more convenient to after school riding.

Han doesn't go back to school for 3 more weeks! I feel my "work" stack getting higher. Its so hard to concentrate on stuff when she is home and needs attention. I am chiseling away at the little things I needed to finish up so maybe I will be ok.

"A Little Bird Told Me"  mixed media journal
One of the things on my To Do list is to get more stuff listed in my Etsy shop. I DID list some comp. books (SALE) and a journal the other day but I have a few more journals I have recently made to list too. I am not really happy with the pictures I took but they might just have to do.

Joleen took this, see? Fab!
Joleen has a couple of my journals for sale (and much better pictures) on her blog. Plus you can see lots of great eye candy there too. I swear she is getting exponentially better every day.

The "z" key is broken on my keyboard.. I had to cut and paste this one.. Its annoying. I always want to type "amazing" and then there is no "z". I better check on iFixit.

OK, I bet this is really annoying.. I better go to bed...

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