17 July 2011

zig zag

I feel like I am all over the place these days. I am zigging and zagging, doing a little bit here and a little bit there. In the midst of redoing the living room I get inspired to do something else. I have such a short attention span. LOL

As I mentioned in a post before, my bestie, Joleen, is coming up to visit SOON. I am so excited but it also means I need to clear out her room from all my painting supplies/ tools and the various totes of things I have packed up from the living room. Some are easy to put away for the holidays and such, some are harder. Like the tote full of various artwork and knick knacks. I am learning to let go of some things but I am struggling with what to do with some of the art I have "outgrown". Do I donate it knowing it might just get tossed rather than sold? decisions...

I have gotten back into the studio and it was looking pretty organized thanks to a few more shelves my honey put up for me. "WAS" being the key word because today we tackled the covered area off the carport and all the various totes and boxes there. I managed to throw a bunch of stuff away, set aside stuff to sell at our yard sale in Aug. and fill 4 boxes to donate. BUT I also located some missing totes that belonged in the studio. I need to go through them and toss more stuff but its HARD. As a mixed media artist I see potential in so much but I also know I only have so much time to do it.

Sorry for the rambling. I never manage to find much time to blog except late at night and then my mind is going in a zillion directions :)


  1. I too am having a problem letting go of art that I've outgrown.... I've taken many ATCs and just sewed them on to the front of cards (quick and easy)Then I jot the original artist's name on the back of the card (so no one thinks that I'm taking credit for anyone else's work)I'm having a yardsale this Saturday and I might try to sell some art..... I'll let you know how that goes :)

  2. I am feeling this way too. Very much as you describe it.
    I am cleaning and clearing I love when I am in the mood for this. I feel so rewarded when piles of crap go out of the house. Stuff I haven't looked at for years, why do we hang on to it?
    I am working hard in my vintage shop, and hoping to breath life back into it. I am onto some mixed media projects and trying to calm myself down...not always easy. I am HOPING to gt back to my healthy eating routine and working out...I am struggling since we got home from Pa. I will get it...
    sending you warm hugs Heather... xo

  3. Hi! Just read about you and your daughters project in create with me!! Loved it!! Such a cute idea and great tips for working with kids! Thanks!


  4. I'm cleaning and clearing too! So funny! Been trying to get in the garage before it gets too hot! Lots of stuff in there left over from when I had my studio. Someday we have to get together... hugs!