15 March 2011

this and that

Its been a rough week already for me. The little person has been very moody and difficult. I am hoping its a phase that she will soon leave behind. My hunny flew back to MN today for the next week.  I am not sure I am geared up to be a single Mommy for the next week but I am going to do my best.

I am having some woes at work and I really don't know what to do about the situation. Being back in the family business is not really going the way I had hoped. Too may changes and lack of consistency with lots of micro-managing and very few pats on the back. I am wondering if I should maybe just contract to do the work required there and be able to have my own schedule and take on other ( already interested) clients. This has always been a struggle as I seem to really being lacking discipline these days and struggle to manage my time very well. I guess I need to do some soul searching and talk to Greg when he gets back.

In the meantime I am really making a concerted effort to make art whenever I can. I am still working on my classes from Christy Tomlinson's "She" online workshop. Having so much fun playing with paint and texture and making messes. Great ideas and techniques to carry over to other projects. I already have more ideas and have been using some of the techniques as backgrounds for the postcards I am making for Natalea's swap.

Speaking of swaps. I am determined to get my card swap cards swapped tonight and tomorrow. I want to get pictures and get them on their way ASAP. I feel like I have really dropped the ball but I didn't want to send people back cards so I waited for some late fill ins ( thank you girls!!).

Anyway, this is turning in to a true rambling post so I guess I had better go make the little some chocolate milk and start taking pictures.


  1. I really like this red girl. Her dress is wonderful.

  2. Making time for art helps out with any other situation in your life! It keeps you grounded to be creative and its easier to deal with other stresses.