24 February 2011

what the what?

So I know I am in the vast minority this winter as most everyone I seem to talk to outside of CA is dealing with snow but it like "NEVER" snows here where I live. MN, yes, but Central CA only 40 minutes from the beach.. no..

They have been talking about the weather on the news because temperatures are predicted to drop, (and here I didn't make H wear socks to school today, Mom fail!)

Anyway, I looked up the forecast today on my computer because I was wanting to find out when the rain was expected to hit and what the what?? SNOW in the forecast? for 2 days? no way!

Now I know that the chance of this ACTUALLY happening is pretty close to nothing, I mean it won't stick but I am really hoping to see a few flurries mostly for the memories and being able to share it with the little. I can remember 2x in my life when it has snowed in this area, once when I was about the same age as she is now and we lived up north just a ways. It actually DID stick and we walked to school in the snow.. fun! The last time was about a dozen years ago, I remember driving home to where we live now and it was really snowing and getting a little bit of accumulation on the sides of the road. I was so excited I called everyone I could think of. I guess in that way I am just a kid at heart.

Well, here's hoping for a little snow and grateful I didn't put away the sweaters and boots from my MN trip.

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  1. lol... we're expecting snow here in Concord, too. This morning said up to 9" on Mt. Diablo!!! And maybe a little in San Francisco, too???