17 February 2011


I have had a few false starts with blogging lately. I have logged in ready to write something and then gotten distracted or just felt like it was lame. I guess I am still trying to get out of the last few weeks and all the drama. I am finally feeling better and have gone back to work. It was nice to go back and totally CLEAN and rearrange the office so it feels fresh and new and there is considerably less mouse poop. I am still getting settled and trying to get back on track. I find I have a bit shorter attention span than usual (which isn't much as it is!) and I still have the occasional twinge of pain so I need to remember to take it easy and ease back into regular activity.

Anyway, one place I have spent a lot of tome lately is in the studio. I have been making some cards for my swap and also stacks and stacks of journals. I was commissioned to make a custom journal for a special little girl. She received it yesterday and was so excited. It was her favorite birthday gift.. That made me feel great. I also made a bunch of journals to send to Joleen. She wanted a new one and had friends/ family that wanted them too. Today she sent me pix of a couple of the journals I have made her that are FULL so you can see them "in action."

This one is so fat and has stuff spilling out. I LOVE that! Its so great to see these books being used and filled with memories and inspiration. I have 2 more on my work table that will be bound soon and then they will be listed in my Etsy shop. I am really enjoying the process and it is helping me to heal...


  1. Very cool journal mosaic. Love everything going on with it...there's so much yet it all works in harmony. Awesome.

  2. I LOVE your journals, Heather! I wish that I was there to have creative days with you :)