10 November 2010

Delores' new home

A week or so ago, the delightful Julie Collings of BlueGirlxo posted a bloggie giveaway (her first one!) for one of the darling little Halloween cats she created. Her name is Delores.

Well, as I was reading Julie's blog that fateful day, Hannah was peeking over my shoulder and saw the picture Julie had posted of Delores and her friends. She made a comment about how she likes this kind of stuffed toy better than so many others because they are different from all the other ones. (She has been the recipient of a number of originals from ArtFests and other mommy adventures) and she is pretty gentle on her toys so I signed her up in Julie's sweet give away. And you guessed it, Julie picked us!! So the other day this mysterious box arrives on our doorstep for Hannah and she was just delighted to have Delores join her little animal family and also to be a new "sister" to our other new black cat.. Sophie. Thank You so much Julie!!


  1. So wonderful!!!!!! Happy for you both!

  2. i LOVE that Hannah appreciates those sort of stuffies. so cute! congrats on a great win. :)