12 September 2010

wee journal

I am trying to get back into the habit of blogging more regularly. I hope that with school finally starting tomorrow I will have a more regular schedule and be able to set aside regular time to do so..

Last weekend when Joleen was here we spent a bunch of time in my studio. It was super fun and inspiring and just so great to chat and share and goof off with a fellow artistic soul. She had been up in May when I gifted her with a ROD journal I had made and I asked her how it was going and if she had been using it. She told me that she had filled it all up already so I started to make her another one. In between stitching on it and making pages she said, it would be fun to have a longer narrow journal for a specific project so I started playing around this other formats. Hannah wanted one too so I created this one for her.

I used some techniques I learned in Mary Ann Moss' class combined with some I just kind of made up. The best thing is that it is all stuff from my studio, recycled bits of paper and scraps of fabric. It was super fun to make and I was able to whip up 3 in virtually no time at all. I plan to make some more to offer in my Etsy shop and at the craft fairs I have signed up for this fall, so if you might be interested, check back. What have you been up to in your studio??

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  1. Thanks for keeping in touch. Blogging more often is an aspiration we all have. I found a couple bloggy clip arts that are in my sidebar recently that testify to that fact! Take care.