23 September 2010

Thrifty Thursday

I got this last week at the thrift store but my car was full of horse tack so I had to wait to pick it up. I finally did and my Dad helped me get it out of the car yesterday. Its an old kitchen cabinet with the prettiest aqua/ green paint inside. I like the shelf and when I get it cleaned up it will be a good piece for the studio provided I can squeeze it in. Its like a bomb went off in there and I need to do some purging of the stuff that just got dumped so I can actually walk AROUND the table ;)

The best thing about the cabinet.. $2.. baby!! I love that thrift store.

Speaking of the studio, too. I have been busy with journal love again. I finished up enough signatures to bind into a cover but need to figure out HOW to actually do that. Kelly assures me that it is easy but I am a little intimidated. I need to pop over to YouTube and see if I can find some tutorials for binding books. Wish me luck.. more journal love tomorrow.

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  1. It is easy. If I can do it, so can you...

  2. Check out Mark Montano's blog...he did book binding step by step

  3. Cool cabinet! I'd be thrilled as well...