30 September 2010


So there are two women I blame for what is quickly becoming an obsession. First off, that Kelly Kilmer! I love her, but man is she bad for my wallet. A few years ago she taught a class that I co-hosted called Taped Journals.. but that was just the TIP of the iceberg. Now she has got me using masking tape, decorative tape, duct tape, you name it...
She taunts us with her tape collection (SEE!) and provides LINKS to tempting shops filled with gorgeous colors and patterns. What's a girl to do?
So I manage to resist the temptation she peddles daily when along comes TRACI!! with her posts about cute cheap tape at the Big M and hurry down, check it out etc., etc..
and I have to admit, I was weak.. I DID run right down to M the very next day and I BOUGHT that tape..

I know its not much compared to Kelly's collection, but I have a dream! A dream of tape.. watch out payday...


  1. you're going to get me in trouble if I start COLLECTING another art supply LOL

  2. AMEn sista, i'm with ya...that kelly really knows how to spark tape fascination! looks like you have quite a lovely gathering started ;)

  3. So funny because I love tape too! I am crazy about all the duct tape they are making now in a rainbow of colors as well as the new lace tapes.

  4. oooh and I also adore black gaffer tape and metal repair tape. Serious tape problem due to Kelly Kilmer, though I love her just the same. But which store did you acquire the black damask pattern one??? mmmmmmmmmm very nice

  5. I went to M and got the same tapes you did. Come on! 6 rolls for a buck! How the heck are we supposed to resist that?!?!?! I also have the same decorative gaffers tape that you have.
    Kelly finally got to me, too. I really tried to resist but after 37 classes with her (REALLY! ...and 14 more online) I was finally pushed over the line. I currently have orders in with 3 different tape companies. My mail carrier is practically accosted on a daily basis but she loves to see what kind of packages I get!