21 June 2010

the ribbons

Ok first off, look at that cutie will ya? Like a flea on a dog, perched up there atop her side kick Panda. Our little girl did so great at her first horse show. She was so brave and just went on out there in the big arena.

The night before when we talked about it, she said all she cared about was "bringing home a ribbon" and she brought home THREE! She is so proud of herself and WE are more proud of that than anything.

Once we returned home all she talked about was how to hang up her ribbons in her room for everyone to see so we took to the studio to see what we could create for her ribbons.

I had her help me by spray painting the base pieces and then after they dried I used some ribbon and hot glue to spiff them up to be cute for her room.

The top piece is a ruler from a pack of wooden dollar store rulers.. like 5 for $1. We used that as the support because A. it was handy, B. it was CHEAP, and C. she had been carrying her ribbons around on it anyway so it was just in my mind.
She chose the pink paint for the top and I had her spray it but we let the numbers show through a little bit.
The lighter pink part is a dollar store "matchstick" place mat that she also sprayed.
Since the ruler had holes in it already I just threaded some fuschia seam binding thru the holes and the spaces between the match sticks and tied it tight.
I then added more seam binding and a scattering of millinery flowers. Then we hung it up on her freshly painted wall and threaded her ribbons on it through the slats and its super cute. I think we can squeeze a few more ribbons on it too so it'll work for at least one more show ;). After that I guess I can add another place met below it.

It was a fun little project to do together and great to use up existing stuff from my stash and the dollar bin.

My other artistic endeavor today was just putting together a collage while sitting at the table from things I could reach without getting up. I like the outcome but am saving if for a larger project I am considering doing. I will keep you up to date if I decide to go ahead...


  1. Brilliant idea! What a fantastic way to display her ribbons!

  2. Please tell Hannah that mommy's friend Martha is SO SO SO proud of her!!!! WooHoo!

  3. What a little cutie on that horse! I bet you were such a proud mama...

  4. Congrats on sweet baby's success and fun!!!

  5. Congratulations to Hannah on her 3 big beautiful ribbons! Good for her!
    And how wonderful that the two of you worked together to design her beautiful hanging "trophy" banner!
    Happy 4th of July to you!