17 January 2010

the bits and pieces

I have been playing with lots of pretty things lately and neglecting some custom work with clay. (shhhhh!) The vintage fabrics have been calling to me and I have been cozily holed up in my chair or the studio sewing bits of this and that together.

Over the last few days I have been adding a little bits and pieces to my Etsy shop. There is no rhyme nor reason but I am enjoying creating and sharing my goodies. I hope people like them and mush as I enjoy making them.
OK, obviously its late and I have nothing worthwhile to say, I am so spacey, so I will leave off there and just share some pictures....


  1. your etsy shop, or your lollishop? your new work is so pretty!!

  2. I love working with fabric too I prefer it to paper these days as its so tactile