13 December 2009

still alive and other things

I am still alive here in the rain. Its been a crazy time and I kind of feel like I have nothing to show for it even though I have spent countless hours in the studio. Overall I think our first season as artisans went pretty well although I am POOPED!! I do have a stack of Christmas gifts ready and close to finished so I guess I DO have something to show for it but I just can't share it yet!!

I have loved having the opportunity to create every day and I shared with my husband recently that for the first time

in my life as an adult I feel the most at peace and contented. I have always dabbled in some sort of creative endeavors but haven't dedicated myself to creating every day. Now that I am I find that it eases the heaviness that creeps in to my mind and in my heart. Its a way for me to escape from the every day worries.

Wow, I have gotten way off topic here, although I am not sure I had one to begin with. I feel behind on m
y catching up with friends and getting ready for the holidays. I have come to the realization that I really REALLY do not enjoy the commercialism of the holidays.
I hate the feeling that I have to get something for someone because of a date on the calendar. I am the kind of person that creates and gives all year long because I feel moved to do for and when I am under pressure I just kind of freeze up. It becomes meaningless. I have done better this year but I have also talked about how I feel and have told my family that I do not want this to be what the holidays are about. I want to spend time together and enjoy each other without the pressure of what to get my impossible to shop for brother or father in law, etc. I am feeling better verbalizing these things and I have found that most of my friends and family agree!

Ok, I will stop rambling now. These are a few shots of the most recent wor
ks we have created (and sold) until I have something else to share. Happy Holidays..

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