09 November 2009

A Winner

Here are a couple of peeks from the boutique we had just this past weekend. My friend Kathy hosted us in her lovely home and we spent the day together laughing and nibbling treats and sharing our wares with visitors. I was very excited that my best art pal Shoshanah came and showed her new jewelry creations which are dynamite! The picture below is her table dressed in blue. Its so great to see her being able to share her artistic visions with the public in the form of finished artwork vs. vending supplies as she usually does. I am excited to do more fairs with her and to collaborate on some pieces. This little shabby table was my table for showcasing ornaments, journals and cards. I sold every last holiday card! Now I need to get back to it to be ready for the other shows we have scheduled.

In addition to these two tables Vicki and I also had our mosaic wares and they were well received. We did our biggest total sales to date and are very happy with how this endeavor is going. The mannequin shown is covered with pins that my Mom has created with various fibers, fabric, vintage buttons, jewelry, etc. They were well received and she was excited to make a little extra cash out of something that is her hobby. (sorry the pictures and formatting are all wonky, Blogger is not cooperating with Safari)

Anyway, I am enjoying doing this artist thing for real and also being available to be with my daughter and volunteer at her school, etc. I am so fortunate that I am able to do this and my husband is so supportive. Thank you honey!!

And last but not least, the randomly drawn winner of the drawing from my last giveaway post is ... Liz aka lala! So, hopefully you are reading this as I am having difficulty contacting you. If so, please email me with your address so I can send you some holiday treats! Congrats!!


  1. Congratulations Heather! Also to your Mom! I have been to a "house show" for Christmas... they are amazing and they literally would rack in the money!

    With Kindness,

  2. Heather, I'm so glad I found your blog. What an inspiration. I love your mosaic projects. Will you have more in your etsy store soon? You have a new follower, wonderful blog!!