27 October 2009

Tweet Twit

I have really been procrastinating on joining the leagues of Twitter-ers because, frankly I just don't need ANOTHER thing to suck up my time. But as of today I gained a new official title in our family business (where I basically just do consulting and fill in from time to time) where I became "director of social media" because we are FINALLY trying to take advantage of all that the 21st century has to offer.. i.e. computerized ordering, mailing list tracking, digital newsletters and soon a blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc, which is where I come in.
Last week we sent out our first digital newsletter and are relishing having so many statistics and tools at our finger tips. Today we set up a Twitter account for the company! I figured I had better set up my own account so I can mess around with it and see how it all works. I already have ONE follower. woohoo. LOL Anyway, I figured since I have to do this, it'd be nice to have some followers to see what I am doing so if you follow my Twitter feed I will enter you into a drawing for a package of holiday goodies from the pile that is growing on my desk. I can't unveil them yet, because they are for my Lollishop design team Christmas kit reveal on November 1 (also to include a giveaway!)
Oh, in other news, the boutique I mentioned in my last post was successful! We sold a bunch of stuff and had great reception. I am so excited for our next one on November 7. I will post pictures in the next post.