03 June 2009

weekend fun

This past weekend my BFF Joleen came up for a quick weekend visit. It was much too short but I sure enjoyed having her around. On Saturday morning we met us with my Mom for a 3 generations photo shoot which was a lot of fun. I have only seen a teaser few of the shots on her blog but what I have seen, I really like. I am super excited to see the rest.. hurry Joleen! LOL
After we got back here is when things got a little nutty. I had asked Joleen to go with me to get my nose pierced which I have been wanting to do for several years. I don't know why I didn't do it earlier but never did and all of a sudden it became imperative for me to do it NOW. We searched out a place to do it and I went for it with Joleen and my family in tow. Hannah was excited to watch but when he pulled out a big needle Joleen stepped in front of her so she wouldn't panic. Hannah thanked her! It only hurt a bit at the beginning and then it was over, its healing well (everything crossed) and I am anxious to get a new, flatter stud to wear. This is a shot immediately after it was done.

So one thing lead to another and Joleen decided that since we were spending time in tattoo parlors she'd get the tattoo she'd been thinking about for a couple of years. We went to her appointment and then after she was done I decided I needed another one too!! Voila, a new tattoo...
I got 3 stars, ( a smaller version of Joleen's 9 stars which you can see on her blog) one for each member of my little family. I am not going to lie. This sucker HURT!! I have heard that the foot is one of the most tender places to get it but WOW. It hurt much more than my other tattoo. Eep. I don't think I am going there again. LOL In the above picture I had to Photoshop out the bruises and scrapes on my foot. I fell down the stairs in front of our house last week and my foot is still pretty beat up. I am amazed I did not break anything. So lucky!!

Anyway, so that was our adventurous weekend. I am already missing Joleen and hate that we live so far apart but its always good to spend time with her. Looking forward to the next visit!!


  1. What adorable pictures! Love the photoshopped foot! lol

  2. My goodness, what a great weekend with a best friend! I winced a little reading about your tattoo on your foot - but it looks great!! :) Silke

  3. I love your new tattoo! I want another one too. I've always wanted to get my nose pierced, but rarely wear earrings so it seems unlikely that I would properly utilize a hole in my nose:)

  4. OK I've wanted to get a tattoo on my foot forever..until reading that! It looks great. So happy you photo shopped the pain out...but I winced anyway.
    Do you know if it hurts to get them behind your ear? I want some stars there....
    now I've got tattoo on my brain.

  5. MISS YOU FRIEND!!!! Hows the tat? Mine has been super until the last couple days been a bit itchy.. the big star peeled yesterday so it was sensitive but pretty good. Did I mention I MISS YOU!! xox

  6. Wow! Looks like you and Joleen had a fun wild girls weekend!

  7. i am super jealous as i have been wanting a pierced nose forever..damn i wish i went with you..you look awesome more beautiful and exotic ...xo