30 June 2009

time keeps slipping away..

I guess we really are into the summer groove. Every time I look up it seems like a mess of days have passed on the calendar. I have a good deal to show for it but it ain't very picturesque. Our big project this summer is painting our house! We have been scrapping and sanding and washing and today we primed the front of the house. Big thanks to my friend Vicki who helped! I'll be sure to share the before and after pix when we get it presentable. Its so cool to see if coming together.

In other productivity news I finished and photographed a couple more of my Say It With Letters Design Team projects.

The first was sent to me as part of my spring projects but I forgot to take a picture. Its the cute birdhouse shape which I covered with decorative paper (I think its Hambly) and then I cut a piece of cork board to fit the bottom portion. I covered that in the cute vintage gingham fabric and glued it all together. Afterward, I embellished with vintage buttons, pom pom trim, a doodad from Hannah Grey (at the top) and the letters. The tacks are just thumb tacks with sweet vintage buttons glued on top. Its a handy little note board for by our calendar.

The other project has kind of a funny story behind it. I opened the package with excitement because I can never wait to see what new shapes Deb has dreamed up. Out came her seashell shape, but I saw it upside down and thought it was a tutu. I asked Hannah what she thought it was and she thought it was a dress too so I proceeded to paint it pink. I later discovered that it was in fact a seashell but decided to just go against the grain ( so not me right? LOL) and proceed with my dress idea. I added vintage wallpapers from my wallpaper connection and friend, Donna along with vintage lace and trim. Since I have done it upside down I had to add my own hanger but I bet if you wanted to make your own, Deb would have the keyholes at back aligned the proper way if you asked. Anyway, we all were happy with the way it turned out and I love how the flocked wallpaper has such a soft feel and the sweet age spots on it. A true bit of shabby!

Ok, so I am off to try to sleep. It has been eluding me lately which is very frustrating because it sure doesn't elude the 5 year old who pops up at 7 am every morning. Check back soon because I am going to be having a couple of giveaways coming up on the old blog to celebrate 700 posts! Happy summer.


  1. Heather, i love that you turned the seashell into a dress...it is really sweet...i bet Deb really liked it too...now her new shape can do double duty...

  2. Love the dress, it turned out super sweet!

  3. Pretty! (I'm on vacation in Michigan)

  4. I adore that you made it into a dress!! Your other polymer and mosaic work further down is stunning. The one with wings is beautiful!