24 April 2009


I'll admit it, I am pretty burned out on design work but I have some stuff piling up that I can't continue to ignore it. I figure once I fire up Photoshop I will probably get back in the swing of things. ArtFest ruined me by letting me unplug for 5 days which was so awesome. I had to laugh at those people constantly checking their emails and twitters and other stuff..

I HAVE been super busy lately.. here is a peek at my desk currently..

and the other thing that you CAN'T see is the pile of yearbook pages that I SHOULD be tackling right now. I need to completely clear off our big table so I can spread everything out and get collating. I so wish I could share the pages but since they are little kids, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that here.

Anyway, I am off... I have some work to do for Sadie at LolliShops and preparing shipping labels for Portals. Back soon!


  1. Love that frame! Keep your eye on your mailbox....sending a little something your way. Been soo soo tired the last few weeks. But feeling better the last few days...miss you...K

  2. The frames you make are just gorgeous!! :) Silke

  3. I love the frames and you better get back to those graphics.
    I call it creative avoidance. It is much more fun doing all the other stuff!

  4. Just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. It was fun looking at your ArtFest posts.

  5. Gorgeous frame, love your blog.

  6. I received my copy of Portals in the mail today. Congrats to you and Joleen on another great issue. (I spied my book review in there - I had completely forgotten about that!) I plan to sit down to read it after dinner tonight. Looks like there are some great informative articles in it. Now maybe you can treat yourself to a little rest.