20 April 2009

what happened to spring?

Holy smokes, it was in the 90's yesterday and the forecast is calling for another hot day. It seems like we hopped from winter right on over to summer. Should we really be contemplating setting up the pool in April?

I dodged the high heat and just mowed the front lawn. I can smell the fresh cut grass wafting in my window with some early morning cool air right now. Its pretty invigorating for a Monday morning.

I managed to get over my post ArtFest slump fairly quickly this year and have been back in the studio using some of my new techniques with polymer clay to make some fun pieces. I LOVED Laurie Mika's class and was so excited to come home and make tiles. Its a great project to work on with Hannah too because the clay is so much fun.

This is a piece I am just finishing up. I need to seal in and add the hanging apparatus. I have a few wooden house shapes that my hubby cut out for me and I used one as the base. Its super hard to catch the cool colors in these pieces and all the tiles really blend better than it looks here. I have to touch up some paint on another project I am finishing too which is a little box using the same mosaic techniques. What I really love is even though I took Laurie's class, my stuff looks so different from her. So fun.

Yesterday, I had a fun art play date with Shosh and we worked on journal pages from Kelly Kilmer's online class "A Prompt a Day" which is really inspiring and fun. Shosh was giving me a hard time because while she was diligently working on her pages, in order, by the prompts, I was just going to town doing whatever I wanted. What can i say? I am not a rules kind of gal. Pictures coming!!

I am expecting my Portals v 7 proof to arrive today and then the final order will be placed and they will start shipping this week I expect. Thanks so much to those of you who continue to support our endeavors in creating the Zine.


  1. that is really cool Heather...i love the colors and mix of pattern...i am still waiting for spring and you have skipped right into summer...we had a few warm days last week and now it is colder again and raining buckets...phooey...

  2. Just gorgeous Heather!! I'm loving all the inspiring projects you've been posting. And that photo from you mothers day post of you kissing your daughter's cheek is beautiful. Hope you have that one framed in the house. :)

    DT Project is going out today!