02 February 2009

Hi All, its been brought to my attention that I should blog because I hadn't in some time. Truth is, I haven't had much to say because I am feeling a lot of negative and confusion. I am aware that this is partially the SAD and partially because things are just not going smoothly right now. As some of you may remember there has been a lot of upheaval with the little's school situation. One wouldn't think that kindergarten could be so stressful and worrisome but the week previous to last brought some stuff that I could not just ignore. Last week I was forced to have meetings with the school director and board president and now Greg and I are trying to make the difficult decision of whether to move Han mid term or HOPE for the best and start her at a new school next year.
I wasn't aware how much stress this was causing me until I started having some strange and disturbing dreams.
I never remember my dreams so to have two vivid dreams that I recalled the next day was really a shock AND a message that I need to deal with this all.

Anyway, in good news... tomorrow I will be sorting and photographing all of the cute Valentine's cards that have come in for my swap. I wanted to get to them over the weekend but I am so sick. I am thinking of hosting a baggie swap.. a bunch of fun goodies for creating in a baggie.. get back equivalent to what you sent in. Keep checking for details...

I am leaving with a couple of scrapbooking pages I did over the last week. Fun!!


  1. heya chicken!! im sorry to hear things havent been going the best for you but i hope they are improving for you now!!



  2. I want to do a baggie swap! Is it too late for your tag swap???

  3. Heather, i am sorry that things are not so hot for you right now...that SAD can really kick your butt...mine seems to be tapering off...finally...one of my friends is having a lot of issues right now with her son, also in kindergarten...she is stressing out about it constantly...i hope everything works out for you!!!

  4. I hope ya get things sorted out. I could imagine that it would be very stressful if things were not going well for school with my kiddo. Love the layouts...just saw em on Flickr.


  5. heather~
    its your blog, you post when you want..life justs gets into the way of things sometimes...xo

  6. I love your layouts - the green one is awesome:):) And blog as much or as little as you want - I'll still luv ya!

  7. I love all the scrapbook pages. Really lovin' the lime green polka dots:)
    I hope this school thing gets worked out soon. Sounds bad.

  8. Heather, sorry to hear you have a rough go, I hope things turn around for you all soon. Ill be thinking of ya.. and a baggie swap sounds great, count me in Kathy H.

  9. Oh how hard Heather!!! I can only imagine the stress you are going through!! I am already stressing out so much about my little man at school and nothing has gone awry! I can not imagine how stressful it must be to have problems and not be able to be there with your angel to protect her. Oh this school stuff is so hard!!! I wish we could keep our babies with us forever. You are in my thoughts and make sure you act upon your intuition!! Intuition is always right in my experience. Take care and I hope that the situation will improve QUICKLY! hugs!

  10. The Vintage Rabbit2/6/09, 9:23 PM

    I love theses pages Heather!!!! They turned out Awesome!! When are you coming to San Diego? You need to teach a class at Paper Tales!!!


  11. Hang in there! Things will get better. You are in my thoughts.


  12. Hey Heather!
    Great looking pages!
    I do envy everyone who can make their pages look like that without looking at someone elses for their inspiration.
    I hope everything works out for your little one. Parents have enough on their plates when it come to their children without having to worry about kindegarten.
    Good luck with the issues your having.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Sorry to hear about your tough times. Haven't visited you in a while.... as parents our worry never ends..mine are 20 and 15. I call myself "Mothers without borders" because it is hard to know where your children end and you begin sometimes. It is a constant balance of having your own life and happiness to better give to theirs....just one foot in front of the other....

    Hugs for you,

  14. WOW Sorry about the upheaval ...keep the picture and feeling of what you want to have happen in your heart, soul and mind. Keep saying what you are grateful for and the negativity will go away..You are always so good at saying what you are grateful for!
    These pages are so nice. I thought I had commented before but cant find them so I wanted to send you good wishes and thoughtful thoughts anyway!
    Sharris145 at roadrunner dot com
    ps just started blogging very infintile in comparison to what I dream.Just a little time

  15. I don't know how I missed this post -- hope that it has all worked itself out...... Do you use a special light for SAD? My good friend does and it helps her a lot...... I'll be the bright light in your life in about 6 weeks, okay? Hopefully I won't be so annoying that you'll want to turn me off......

  16. You have an open invitation to stay with me to relieve your SAD symptoms!
    Sandy (SAndy's Creations) is coming at the end of this month for a little sunshine! Come out anytime girlfriend!