02 December 2008


Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Ours was very pleasant and everyone behaved. The turkey came out super yummy but I have to admit that I am kind of sick of the leftovers at this point. Yesterday maxed me out.

I have been doing a lot of this and that. I haven't felt very focused as of late. Sometimes I wonder if I have ADD? lol

Today my SIL and I finished up the quilt we are making for our FIL, all that is left is to stitch the binding to the back. I will be sure to share some photos when its complete. I am pretty excited about it, and it turned out cute. I hope he likes it. I am also working on some cute stitched projects for holidays gifts. Lots of fun on the sewing machine.

Finally, I have just uploaded the files for Portals v 6 to the printer so if you haven't ordered yet... check it out!!


  1. I Have "AADD" Artists Attention Deficit Disorder! lol! I get so distracted on different projects. I'll start another before finishing the other. Then I have a bunch of half finished stuff everywhere. Focus, I need to FOCUS!

  2. I recv'd my swap. Thanks for being the hostess for a great swap. I love my cards and tags. Your tree card was nice and I liked the tag with the velvet leave, too.

  3. LOL! The cat looks like he is really enjoying that headress! NOT. LOL. Got my swap too...such cuteness! Thnaks honey.