17 December 2008

The one about LolliShopping...

Wow, really sporadic blogging and then this cluster of things to talk about.

I am FINISHED with my Christmas Shopping. Yay!! I am not saying that to rub it in to anyone who has not finished, its just that I really DO NOT like holiday shopping. Before I had Hannah I was so good about planning ahead and picking up things throughout the year and saving them.
That all changed for whatever reason and now it seems I have become "one of those people" who runs around in a panic trying to find gifts. To top it off it also seems that I have become one of "those" parents who waits til the last minute to find "the" gift of the season and then goes into panic mode. I am only going to take part of the blame for that though. Part of it has to be shouldered by Hannah because she is 5 and indecisive and its not really my fault that she waited until 2 weeks before Christmas to decide she wants a Wii and to talk about it constantly.

Fortunately , Mama is good with ebay and despite popular opinion DOES sometimes have the patience of a saint ( I said SOMETIMES) and Mama scored a Wii game system for pretty close to retail. It will be here tomorrow. Phew.

Anyway, somehow I have totally gotten off topic here. I meant to talk about LolliShops and how great it has been for my "Shop Handmade" pledge. I am proud to say that this year I DID purchase many handmade things and I am excited to give them. I can't share those yet because some of the peeps read this blog and I don't want to give away the surprises.

Now that I am done with my shopping, I have had more time to peruse the wares on LolliShops that I am lusting after and I thought I would share a few of them. It hard to pick just a few because daily so many new additions are being added. Lollishops is just growing by leaps and bounds and despite a bit of a rocky start it seems to be purring along like a kitten now. I hope you will check it out!!

First: How cute is this reuseable market bag by my friend Jennifer of Rosey Little Things? Talk about handy and green. I woudl be super happy if this was under my tree.

I am also coveting this CUTE little green flower ring from
Naked Tile. I love green and this is so sweet. I'd wear it alot.

Ok, and want to talk about CUTENESS?? Check out this adorable deer from Fantastic Toys. I can't even believe a MAN can think up things so CUTE!! Be sure to check out the other sweet things in his shop too. Everything is fab! I think I could keep going but I need to get back on the sewing machine and finish up a colored pencil caddy for my SIL. I said I was done SHOPPING, not creating ;) Hope everyone else is faring well with their shopping as well. There is still time to grab some goodies from LolliShops if you hop to it!!


  1. great finds Heather:) i was really surprised {and kind of tickled pink} to find out that the creator of fantastic toys was a man...i love Tim's work, it is so cute and whimsical!!!

  2. hey girl...just to let you know again how much I love my shirt!!!! I wore it through my 36 hour insomnia streak....I did take it off so it can be washed today though, you'll be happy to know. So far so good on how I'm feeling...so by the time you get here I should be doing geat. My friend Chris is in tonight and I think I willl be feeling good enough to go out tomorrow...knock on wood. Everything seems to be falling in place as I hoped. Now if only that little elf would show up i my craft room to clean it....still waiting on that one to fall into place....hmmmm...

  3. Love the new blog header!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your so sweet to feature my shopping bag! Part of me wants to keep it! Looking forward to pics of the wreath!

  4. Wow. Lollishoppes is open??