05 November 2008

Yes we can...

"America, we have come so far. We have seen so much. But there is so much more to do. So tonight, let us ask ourselves -- if our children should live to see the next century; if my daughters should be so lucky to live as long as Ann Nixon Cooper, what change will they see? What progress will we have made?

This is our chance to answer that call. This is our moment.

This is our time, to put our people back to work and open doors of opportunity for our kids; to restore prosperity and promote the cause of peace; to reclaim the American dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth, that, out of many, we are one; that while we breathe, we hope. And where we are met with cynicism and doubts and those who tell us that we can't, we will respond with that timeless creed that sums up the spirit of a people: Yes, we can."

-President-elect Barack Obama

I am still just basking in the excitement that was last night and the history our country just made. I still have goosebumps and tears in my eyes. Most importantly I have HOPE in my heart. Hope for change and for a brighter future for my daughter. I believe we can make it happen. Yes, we can...


  1. I used the same picture today! It is such a great shot. It is such a wonderful day!

  2. Non-stop tears of JOY!!! Just so so so so so happy!!! This is what The world needed!!!! To see reactions around the globe just makes me so so hopeful and happy.


  3. That man has such a warm smile! What a great picture Heather. As I watched the speech this morning, I was overwhelmed with a sense of hope and relief.
    Cheers, Denise

  4. i keep reading these words over and over and each time the tears just flow.

    yes yes yes


  5. You could and you will!

  6. I saw your comment on Jenny's blog and I just had to come and visit. It is so wonderful to find out that there were other bloggers out there supporting Barack Obama. I would be happier if we had defeated Prop 8 but I am hoping that this won't be the last word about it.

  7. I am so proud of America today!
    That picture is fantastic!
    I AM sorry about the results of Prop 8 though -- it was big in the news here in Canada too.

  8. YAY~ Awesome post!!!
    And what a beautiful family
    portrait :)

  9. Yes you can! What an awesome picture. Hugs from Canada.

  10. Yes we did!
    So happy to see other artists/bloggers posting about how happy they are that Obama was elected!

  11. A Wonderful post!!The world does need this!! Thank you for posting this!

  12. I am an Aussie ad i sat here blinded by tears as he spoke.So happy that the world has come at least that far.