02 November 2008

The one about the classes...

Its always so hard for me to blog about retreats. I have lots to share but somehow it kind of gets stuck in my head. Its like I want to just keep it for me, to inspire and to remember. Then I got through this bit of depression, its like mourning the wonder that is over. Its hard to snap out of that feeling and get back to life and create again and share but I feel like I am finally ready to share some of the wonderful classes I was able to take.

I can't say that I had a favorite. They were all very different from each other and I got to explore paint much more than I have previously. I kind of have this fear of paint.. I have difficulty letting go and just making messes but Alisa pushed us out of that real quick in her Graffiti Clutch class. The first part of the class was spent wildly painting canvases with all kinds of paint techniques... dripping, splattering, stamping, stenciling, washing, doodling, etc. Alisa made it pretty clear that she had no rules and really pushed us to keep painting. She kept saying, if we didn't like it, to keep on going. Just keep adding layers until we were satisfied. It was simply amazing to see the variety of canvases, the variations in colors and patterns and everything!! After lunch we got to cut them all up and make purses and things out of them. It was really refreshing to again not have any rules ( not that I follow sewing rules anyway) and just sew up whatever we desired. I finished up the clutch shown above, a shoulder bag and a cuff. I would have happily played in that class for all 3 days. Alisa was really fun and encouraging. This was her first time teaching this sort of class in a retreat venue and I bet I speak for everyone in that class that we hope she will keep coming back.

One more thing.. at the vendor night I picked up Alisa's book Canvas Remix
and I love it. So many fun projects and ideas. I can't wait to use it for inspiration for holiday gifts this year! Thanks Alisa!!

On Friday we met up in the same room but to play with Ruth Rae in her Soulful Doors class. I did not get as far along as I had hoped I would but I love what I did and look forward to working on it more. Ruth has so many fun techniques to share and we both are so similar in our love for that "messy" style so I picked it up right away. Here is a little detail shot of part of what is "behind" the doors on my project. I have a little slide show that I will share with you at the end of this post so you can see the front in progress. I wasn't very happy with the off white felt that I purchased but it was my only choice when purchasing my supplies. I just "made it work" the best way I could and I am pretty pleased with it now.
I should also mention that Ruth has a book on her wonderful fiber arts coming out next year. I can hardly wait!! Currently she has a very inspiring book on her first passion, jewelry making available. You can check it out here: A Charming Exchange.

And last, but most certainly not least... "Dude, we totally painted birds!" Ok, that was not the real name of the class but it was what we all found ourselves muttering to each other (a lot) as we finished up the painting portion of Tracie Lyn & Marylin Huskamp's "Ode to Nature necklace" class. I am still totally stunned that I did this but under Tracie and Marylin's gentle guidance we ALL accomplished a beautiful project and ON THE LAST DAY! I say that with emphasis because if you have ever been to any kind of retreat you will know how emotionally, mentally and physically tired you can be on that last day of class.

Anyway, to sum up.. ArtFiberFest was really wonderful, yet again. As always Teesha & Tracy Moore put on a wonderful and inspiring event. The weather was amazing and the company was even better. I was delighted to meet blog friends old and new and to spend quality time with old friends. If you have the opportunity to attend this smaller and more intimate "little sister" to Artfest, please do!!

Now.. see the rest of the goodies I made!! View slideshow

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