23 November 2008


I am so excited to share the grand opening of this beautiful store that I had the pleasure of building along with Brian. Adair approached us a couple of months ago to do it and I loved working with her. Not only is her aesthetic similar to mine but she had some great ideas and a good sense of what she wanted before going into the job. Its very difficult to work with a client that has no clue what they want!! Working with Adair was the perfect balance of her input and vision balanced with my "expertise" as the design talent behind the site. I admit she pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone but in such a good way. We got to play with all kinds of different aspects of building on Pappashop and I think all three of us are just thrilled with how the site turned out! Please hop on over and take a look and do check back as Adair is loading new product every day!!

In addition to building Adair's site, I have been busy with LolliShops goodies as well. I am one of Sadie's Beta testers of the site as she gears up to launch next week!! There is so much exciting, behind the scenes stuff going on and the giddiness of the LolliShop girls (and guys) is palpable. I have been fortunate to work with several folks in preparing for their shop openings and just by doing banners I am excited to start shopping!! Here are some sneak peeks:


  1. Eeee it looks so great!! :) She must be thrilled!

  2. LOVE the new website. fantastic job!!!

  3. You guys did such a beautiful job...it's all so lovely!


  4. I love what you've done for Stephanie!