04 October 2008

swaps n stuff...

MJ!... you are the winner of my drawing for goodies for providing me with input on which picture I should send to Stampington. I do not have contact info for you so please email me with your snail mail addy so I can send you a prize package.

Thanks everyone for your support and comments. I HATE posting pix of myself on line. I hate seeing pix of myself too, but I am trying to get more comfortable with it. I really admire my friend Joleen who posts pictures of herself all the time even though I know she struggles with her self image like so many women do. I think she is beautiful, but I also see her beauty beyond what her hair looks like on any given day, or a few extra pounds or lack of sleep. I think these are the things that we females always judge ourselves on but we need to remember that people who matter can really see in the inner us. Its something for us all to strive for I think.

I ended up sending in the top photo as it got the overwhelming number of votes. I am tempted to send her thr sombrero picture too. I sent my final things in yesterday but I bet we can sneak in a few other things :)

On another topic, I have been working on some things for a few projects and swaps. I did the Vintage Halloween swap that Lilia hosted and my partner was Mendy. I have always admired her style and work on flickr so it was fun to have her as a partner. I was a bit naughty and got my package out to her a week late but she'll get it on plenty of time for Halloween. I made her a fabric banner:
I don't know if she will put it up in her home but she teaches kindergarten so I know she can use it in her classroom if she wants. I send her some candy and some bits of ephemera and trim to use in her artwork in addition to this pin cushion which was kind of an experiment. I like how it turned out so I am planning to make more. This is the one I did for a swap at AFF...


  1. I love, love love your shoes. They are just beautiful. Have a wonderful new week.

  2. OOH I got my loot and I am SOOOO excited! Love that little pin boot...so sweet! The banner is going straight to my classroom, right on the door! Love the candy and all the fun art stuff. You are amazing! Thanks for being my Halloween Party Pal! :) Mendy

  3. Oh these projects are absolutely adorable! Glad your BIL is okay now. Love your little angel with the lavendar feather fan. She is darling.

  4. These pincushions are way too cute! And I love the banner! I bring a lot of my swap stuff to school too because I get to look at it more often there. And my co-workers think that trading art is really cool :)