20 October 2008

and away we go..

well, away I go..
I am spending the night at my SIL's tomorrow night so I can be close to the airport for my early morning flight to WA!! I am so excited to see my BFF Sharon and the other wonderful artists at ArtFiberfest. I am really feeling like I need a break from everything.. work, school, computers, kids, etc.. so this will be a welcome respite althought I know I will miss Hannah terribly after about a day and a half. But I plan to make the most of it and she already packed my camera. I will try very hard to be good an take lots of pix.

The journaling project has been going well. I think Joleen and I are both finding it cathartic. Here is one spread I did recently, and now its back off to Joleen.

Until next week...
have fun, make art!!


  1. Oh, have a great time at Artfiberfest! I'm so happy with the business card that you designed for me and can't wait to get them from the printer. You do fabulous work and I feel privileged that you took time away from your busy schedule to work with me. Thanks so much!

  2. Okay, you have like 20 emails from me in your in box--hahahaha. I forgot you were going to the fiber arts event. Give me a ring or an email when you get back.

  3. Ooh.. post pictures when you return! I'm sure it's full of inspiration!

  4. I really like those pages. If it were me I would probably have overdone it, added too much of something. Very nice.
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