18 September 2008

what I have been up to...

I have been working at the computer so much lately that I kind of hit a wall today. I taught art this morning and after coming back and checking my emails I decided to take a break from the screen and sew. I had started this frame/ wall hanging last week but got so consumed with work that it got buried on my desk. I decided to finish up today while I was doing some other sewing projects.
It has a lot of whiter whites, layers of lace and doilies and this fabulous vintage, "stained just right" flower from an old hat. The pocket holds a picture or postcard up to about 4 x 6". I need to order some more of my wee one so I substituted this one for now.
I have really been enjoying my sewing time. I finished up my banners for our swap at ArtFiberFest last week but I haven't decided whether to share yet. I will talk to my group. They are all so cute. This week I started on another "treat" for a swap pal which I WILL share once she gets it and today I cut out everything (my least favorite part) for Hannah's Halloween costume.

And... Adair said I can finally offer up a sneak peek of all that we have been working on. Its been kind of different for me and I am loving it. We made this last night for her splash page which I "hope" will be up soon and while it has the definite feel of what I have been building, it is only a sneak peek.


  1. hey sweetie,
    you have been a busy bunny.
    darling creations.

  2. LOVE it....the flower is perfection against the white. Adiar's banner looks great...you're so talented!!

  3. Oooh -- I really really really like this!

  4. We love sneak peeks and that's a good one! Oooooh!

  5. Ohhh these are beautiful!!!! Thanks for stoppin by my blog and leaving me a lovely comment!

  6. I just have to say--I miss our emails, pal. We need to reconnect!!
    Member our chats in the morning? Those were great!
    Let's make a date...

  7. Your banner is so dear. Sweet creations.

  8. You are so amazing!! Brilliant design, Heather!