18 August 2008

we made it

Thanks for all the support and well wishes on the
first day of kindergarten. Hannah started off a little tentatively and with a few tears but made it through the day fine. One of her pals from last year is the other child in the afternoon session too. There are only the two of them to gather all of Mrs Jones' attention each day from noon to two. So much fun! It made it much easier to get through the day having her buddy there and I am hoping it will get easier each day.

I was proud of myself for not crying. I admit I got a bit misty but I went out and called Greg after leaving the little. He was supportive and understanding but felt a little sad that he hadn't been there. Hopefully he will get home in time tomorrow to pick her up and check out her little class room.

Anyway, no pictures because it was much to stressful this morning. I hope to get pix of all the kids by the end of the week because I am the yearbook person for their class this year. We will just pretend its the first day of school ;)

So, I have been really lax on taking pictures of my treasures from OK even though my box finally arrived last week. This basket purse was one of the things I found while out antiquing with Holly & Donna one day. Its really nice and clean and the flowers are in great shape. I will use it to store something in at some point. Hmm, maybe the ugly TV remotes..??

These vintage mercury glass Christmas picks were amongst the goodies we found at the flea market. There was a whole bunch so we decided to buy the lot and share them. I love how they are perfectly chippy and distressed but still sparklie and pretty. The cute pink box was in an antique mall. It smells like camphor inside which reminds me of my grandma. Its will find a place in my studio. So those are just a few of the yummy treats I discovered on my adventure. I do have more to share and will try to get those up soon.

Thanks again my friends. Its wonderful to have such support...


  1. awwwwwww, your baby started school:) isn't that the hardest thing? i could still to this day get myself worked up to tears thinking about my boys first days of school...well, the good news is that is gets much easier and you will have lots of free time now for creating...i love the goodies you found when you were with Holly and Donna, esp that pink box!!!

  2. I knew she would do great! Sounds like a really wonderful environment for her to be in and she gets to come home to her lovely mama at the end of the day!

  3. Congrats on surviving kindergarten - sounds like she's going to have a great year. :)

  4. Heather how wonderful that there were only a few tears.
    Such a fun time in your life.

  5. karin@creativechaos8/20/08, 9:35 AM

    TOTALLY get it....Andres will be going to preschool this fall 2 half days...I'll be a blubbering mess...But they always seem to do better than we do....It's hard because it's such a tangible mark on how fast time flies.....

  6. I remember the first day of Kindergarten with my two girls. You did better than me, I bawled like a baby.
    It's so scary how fast they grow too.

    Congrats to you Hannah. Such a big girl!

  7. That would be a great hiding place for remotes. Those flowers are such a cheery color.

  8. LOVE the purse, it is soooo cute! The picks are great too!