26 August 2008

catching up

Whew, last week was a doozy. It was a flurry of settling into a new schedule, making lunches, dealing with a crabby little and her tantrums, bedtime battles and more. I am happy to report that we had a good weekend though and this week has started off much smoother. Hannah is still struggling with kindergarten, the schedule and the fact that she is the only girl in class but she is making new friends and doing well with her school work.

An exciting thing happened for me this week too. In talking to her teacher one day after school we were talking about "work" and upon discovering I was an artist she became very excited. After a little more discussion she asked me to teach art to the kids each week. Wow! I am so excited and full of ideas. The schedule is pretty flexible and I can do whatever I want. I look forward to getting going. If anyone has taught this level or has any fun ideas for projects, I'd love to hear them!

This is my other little bit of exciting news. An exciting find. I scored this cute, shabby pink cabinet over the weekend. Its such a pretty soft shade of pink and there are brackets inside for shelves. I also found a pretty little Mc Coy pot in a box of stuff we salvaged at her fiance's ranch for our rummage sale. I snagged it because I think it will look cool with a little collection of other creamy colored things in this cabinet. I am excited to get some paint on the walls in the living room. I am ready for a change.

One final note.. the two hats that are perched on top of the cabinet are from my thrifting with Donna and Holly whilst in Oklahoma. I am still holding out on a few of my treasures. LOL I will try to better with the pictures and blogging now that I am settling into a better routine.


  1. Hi :) I really feel your pain with adjusting a kindergartner to her new schedule. My little one, too, just started Kindergarten, and *sigh* it's been hard, but it's nice to know others are going through similar difficulties. How fun to teach art to her classmates though! I was having fun just volunteering to help out with a center at my daughter's class. :) ... and what a pretty cabinet. I wanted to thank you, as well, for hosting the card swap. I love my cards. Kindly, Jessica

  2. Oh what fun you will have teaching art to the littlies!!! It will be so rewarding.

  3. Lovely blog to scroll through!
    Susannah x